The Drowned Love – Chapter Four

Mr. Bennet has organized a big party that night for Mr. Gary welcoming. Many rich people were invited. There was food, drink, music, and dance. Edward was wearing a black suit which made him look very handsome and attractive. All the girls were crazy about him and talking about him. Katherine was wearing a beautiful red gown with a side-parted wavy hairstyle.

“Miss Katherine, What happened about your white dress?”

Edward asked her about her white dress, which made her kind of mad. Katherine was like if he was not her father’s guest, she would be kicked him out. She was also angry about how all the girls were crazy about him. Mr. Bennett introduced Mr. Gray to everyone with good speech. Edward was very overwhelmed. Mr. Gray insisted that Katherine sings, she was shocked and angry. When everyone insisted, she sang. After that, the dance began. For Katherine, it was a bad idea because she had to dance with Mr. Gray. During the dance, both had a conversation, but Katherine was not impressed by him at all.

Mr. Bennet decided that Katherine is going to work with Edward on the hospital project. Katherine was shocked by her father’s decision. She did not want to work with Mr. Gray. She had no other option. Edward and Katherine started working together. Since Katherine is new so, Edward had to teach her some stuff. They used to spend too much time together, and soon became friends. The hospital project was going so well. It was tough for Anna because it was her first project and wanted to make her father and mother proud. In four months, Katherine and Edward became so close to each that they had fallen in love. Her mother Elizabeth was not happy about their closeness. Mrs. Bennet was worried about her daughter. She also stopped Katherine many times to spend so much time with Edward. Mrs. Bennet informed her husband that she was unhappy about their relationship.

Edward proposed Katherine for marriage and she agreed. Then was the time to tell the family about that. Katherine’s parents were silent for some time after hearing about the marriage decision. Mr. Bennett preferred to be talking about the marriage matter after some time because there was too much work pressure on them.

Mr. Bennet found out that Edward Gray has a bad reputation for business and women, and he has destroyed many young women’s lives. There he decided to disagree about the marriage. But, Edward was very clever that he knew that Mr. Bennet looked out about his past. Edward was keeping an eye on everyone. When Mr. Bennet talked to him and disagreed about the marriage by telling him that we have already talked about Katherine’s wedding to somebody else. Edward showed his real character to George and shocked him by telling him that he came to London only and only to have Katherine. About one year ago he saw Katherine in Scotland at a party. From that time he decided that he would have her one day. Edward was not love in with her. He had no real feelings for her. Just wrong feelings and intentions.

After hearing this, Mr. Bennet got very angry at him, but Edward was so nasty that he started abusing him. He warned Mr. Bennet to stay away from him and Katherine. But, he was not ready to listen to Mr. Gray. Edward pushed Mr. Bennet from the balcony, and he died.

In the police record, it was written that Mr. Bennet was so drunk that he slipped and fell. After that incident, Katherine was broken which was a golden chance for Edward. They become so close to each other.

Katherine decided to marry Edward, but since her mother was not agreed. She decided to leave the house. Katherine thought that her father was happy about their wedding, but her mother was not happy.

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