The Drowned Love – Chapter three

After that night, Katherine and James did not meet for three months. Katherine was doing her usual job and James got himself very busy at work. Philip started getting worried for James as he was becoming short-tempered with everyone.

“Why are you doing this to yourself, buddy?” Philp asked James but he did not answer his question.

“Until when you are going to be like this? I mean you have many other options. There are a lot of girls who wanted to be with you, then why Katherine”

“I understand that you loved her very much and the fact is that she did not accept you. And what happened in the past is past. Think about now. You even stopped me from going and talk to her, why?” Philp added.

“I love her and I cannot forget her. There is something very special about her. She has hidden emotions.”

“Even if she has hidden emotions that does not mean that you will try and try to know about what is hidden.”

But one day they met again at a function where Katherine was the main singer. It was a grand function organized by Mr. Ainsworth for charity purposes. James was with his friend Philp at the party and Katherine was with Mrs. Smith. James and Katherine did not talk to each other, but Mrs. Smith talked to James and Katherine. And Katherine left when they started talking.

“Where you have been, James? How are you?”

“I am very well, thank you, Mrs. Smith.”

“And what about you?”

“Good, good.”

James was looking at Katherine while she was talking to some people. She was wearing a beautiful salmon off-shoulder dress. Her hair was in a twisted up do and diamond necklace as an accessory.

“You are looking at her?” Mrs. Smith

“She is very beautiful,” James said

“Please relax James, excuse us Mrs. Smith

“Sure.” Mrs. Smith answered

Katherine was talking to some people and James tried his best to interpret her but she did not care about him. After some time she started to sing and everyone was loving her song and the music. Katherine has a very soft voice with deep emotions. James was listening to her very carefully, Katherine was full of sorrows. Everyone loved the music and the song, it was peaceful. After dinner when James saw Katherine alone he went to talk to her. He asked her about how she was doing and appreciated her performance. Katherine was kind of happy to see James but she did not show it to him. It was getting late and Katherine wanted to go leave. Mrs. Smith and Katherine set in a taxi where Philip did not let them go so he can tell Katherine that James has not been able to forget her. Philip informed Katherine that James has become very short-tempered because he was and was in love with her. James was very hurt when Katherine rejected him. He also added that James will never show his anger on Katherine because he loves her a lot. Philip requested Katherine to listen to him once. And they left.

“Listen to him for one, Katherine, please.” That was Philp’s request,

The next morning, Katherine, Katherine went to the police station to meet James. He was happy to see her and angry at the same time but he did not show his anger.

“Hi,” Katherine said,

“Hi,” James answered but somehow was trying to ignore her.

“Can we talk, James?” she asked him but she was very nervous.

“Tell me.”

“Not here. Can we go somewhere else?”

“I am very busy right now.”

“Just for once, I need to speak to you. Then, you decide.”

“I am on duty now, we will meet at the garden in the evening.”

In the evening, James was waiting for Katherine in the garden. Katherine was late but James was fine with that. When she came they sat and for a few minutes they did not say anything.

“James, I know I have hurt your feelings.”

“I love you, Katherine and you know that, but you are not understanding my feelings. Philip was getting angry on me and I get angry on others.”

“I understand that feeling because love makes you do that. I am not what you think I am.”

“What do you mean?”

“My name is Katherine Bennett, not Katherine.”

“What do you mean?”

About five years ago, Katherine used to live happily with her family. George Bennett was Katherine’s father who was a retired engineer who was 60 years old. Elizabeth Bennett was her mother who was a housewife. Katherine has finished her degree in engineering. She was the only heir of the Bennett family. George wanted his daughter to carry on their family business, but Katherine wanted to be a singer. Her father was not against her singing but he wanted Katherine to do a proper job and to keep the Bennett company to ages. The Bennett’s had a huge mansion where they were many caretakers. Katherine was loved by everyone as she was very kind and caring.

George has invited an engineer Edward Gary to their mansion for Katherine’s first project. Edward Gary was one of London’s famous and successful engineers. He was coming to Scotland and Katherine was told to go and pick Mr. Gray from the train station.

“Father, I do not want to go and pick up any Mr. Gray.”

“My dear, Mr. Gray is coming here for our new project and like a good guest, you will need to go and pick him up.”

“How I will recognize him? I never saw him.”

“I never saw him too, but he is very neat and likes to wear black.”

“There must be a lot of people who wear black and look neat.”

“No worries my dear. You just go and ask about Edward Gray.”

Katherine planned to go with her best friend, Sophia to the Winston party to sing. She thought that she will go to the party then to receive Mr. Gray from the train station. Katherine thought that she would go, sing, and leave but it was the opposite. She had to meet a lot of people and forgot about Mr. Gray. Katherine was wearing a very plain white gown with transparent sleeves. She sang a very lovely song which was loved by everyone. After the performance, the dinner was served. Some people came to take her autograph and appreciated her singing.

“You were awesome, Kath.”

“Thank you so much. I just hope that one day mother and father to come and see me perform.”

Sophia and Katherine were talking and laughing. Katherine accidentally bumped to someone and the red wine fell over her white gown.

“What the hell? Are you mad? You have spoiled my dress. You know how expensive is this.”

“I am very sorry ma’am, but it was your mistake.”

“What? My mistake. Don’t try to act smart, I know you have done this on purpose.”

“No, ma’am. Why would I do this on purpose? You were talking and was looking in front.”

“Oh really. Listen, mister, it’s your mistake and you have to pay.”

“Are you mad, Kath? I am very sorry, you don’t need to pay back.”

“What? Why you are apologizing to him? It’s his mistake.”

“No problem, Ms. Kath, I will pay for the dress loss.”

“How dare you call me Kath?”

“Please just leave your address and I will send the money.”

“Why would I give? Find out by yourself.”

The gentleman smiled,

“Why are you smiling? Do I look crazy to you?”

“No, you are very beautiful.”

“Oh shut up. Come on Sophia.”

Katherine and Sophia left the party, and she was very late to home.

“Kath, where you have been?” George

She hesitated,

“I was with Sophia at Winston’s party.”

“I told you to go and pick up Mr. Gray.”

“Oh, father. I am very sorry, I forgot about him. I will go now and pick him up.”

“Have you seen the time, Kath? It’s very late now.” Elizabeth

“It’s very shameful for the Bennet’s to do this kind of third class movement.”

“Was the party that important to you, Kath?”

“I don’t know where would Mr. Gray be!”

“Father, I am very sorry. I will go and look for him early morning.”

The next morning when Katherine woke up she saw that the man whom she fought with last night at the party was, Mr. Gray, her father’s guest. Katherine was shocked and ashamed at the same time. Katherine had to apologize to Mr. Gray.

Mr. Gray was a single middle-aged man who was good looking. Mr. Gray was a famous and successful businessman in London. He travels a lot and runs random businesses around the world.

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