The Demons At Grandma’s House

After leaving the hospital, Blair drove back to her grandma’s house. It was a rainy stormy night. She parked her car and took an umbrella and came out of the car. Blair walked towards grandma’s house and took out the keys to open the door. Everything was the same way she left, but the lights were not working due to the storm. She went to the kitchen and prepared some warm coffee. Blair went back to the attic to bring some files and photos, and that gold box. She started reading everything while having coffee.

She found out that their family was cursed by a demon. When grandma was young, she used to love traveling around and collecting antique stuff. Grandma got that antique gold box from a showroom. But, since then grandma used to have some terrible visions and accidents. One day, she started to see people wearing all black hiding their faces performing a ritual around her while she was asleep. Grandma became a salve to the demon by having that gold box with her. There was no way to get rid of that gold box. When grandma got married to grandpa, he was unaware of that, but when he knew he kept himself and the three boys away from grandma.

The devil wanted a girl, but grandma gave birth to three boys, and Blair was the first granddaughter of the family. Blair life was in danger and that was the reason of always she was never allowed to visit grandma at her house. Grandma died by hanging out herself. Blair was always being protected. After she knew all this, Blair was sad and disturbed.

“Why are you back here, child” a whisper.

The Drowned Love – Chapter Four

Mr. Bennet has organized a big party that night for Mr. Gary welcoming. Many rich people were invited. There was food, drink, music, and dance. Edward was wearing a black suit which made him look very handsome and attractive. All the girls were crazy about him and talking about him. Katherine was wearing a beautiful red gown with a side-parted wavy hairstyle.

“Miss Katherine, What happened about your white dress?”

Edward asked her about her white dress, which made her kind of mad. Katherine was like if he was not her father’s guest, she would be kicked him out. She was also angry about how all the girls were crazy about him. Mr. Bennett introduced Mr. Gray to everyone with good speech. Edward was very overwhelmed. Mr. Gray insisted that Katherine sings, she was shocked and angry. When everyone insisted, she sang. After that, the dance began. For Katherine, it was a bad idea because she had to dance with Mr. Gray. During the dance, both had a conversation, but Katherine was not impressed by him at all.

Mr. Bennet decided that Katherine is going to work with Edward on the hospital project. Katherine was shocked by her father’s decision. She did not want to work with Mr. Gray. She had no other option. Edward and Katherine started working together. Since Katherine is new so, Edward had to teach her some stuff. They used to spend too much time together, and soon became friends. The hospital project was going so well. It was tough for Anna because it was her first project and wanted to make her father and mother proud. In four months, Katherine and Edward became so close to each that they had fallen in love. Her mother Elizabeth was not happy about their closeness. Mrs. Bennet was worried about her daughter. She also stopped Katherine many times to spend so much time with Edward. Mrs. Bennet informed her husband that she was unhappy about their relationship.

Edward proposed Katherine for marriage and she agreed. Then was the time to tell the family about that. Katherine’s parents were silent for some time after hearing about the marriage decision. Mr. Bennett preferred to be talking about the marriage matter after some time because there was too much work pressure on them.

Mr. Bennet found out that Edward Gray has a bad reputation for business and women, and he has destroyed many young women’s lives. There he decided to disagree about the marriage. But, Edward was very clever that he knew that Mr. Bennet looked out about his past. Edward was keeping an eye on everyone. When Mr. Bennet talked to him and disagreed about the marriage by telling him that we have already talked about Katherine’s wedding to somebody else. Edward showed his real character to George and shocked him by telling him that he came to London only and only to have Katherine. About one year ago he saw Katherine in Scotland at a party. From that time he decided that he would have her one day. Edward was not love in with her. He had no real feelings for her. Just wrong feelings and intentions.

After hearing this, Mr. Bennet got very angry at him, but Edward was so nasty that he started abusing him. He warned Mr. Bennet to stay away from him and Katherine. But, he was not ready to listen to Mr. Gray. Edward pushed Mr. Bennet from the balcony, and he died.

In the police record, it was written that Mr. Bennet was so drunk that he slipped and fell. After that incident, Katherine was broken which was a golden chance for Edward. They become so close to each other.

Katherine decided to marry Edward, but since her mother was not agreed. She decided to leave the house. Katherine thought that her father was happy about their wedding, but her mother was not happy.

The Demons At Grandma’s – sneak peak

The last time when Blair stayed at her grandma’s house, she had some terrible visions of her grandma. She saw some people wearing all black and hiding their faces. Blair found herself on the hospital bed, and the last thing she remembers being attacked by one of those people wearing black. Blair asked the nurse about how she reached the hospital. The way the nurse described that old woman who brought Blair to the hospital, was her grandma. She decided to go back to her grandma’s house again.

The Drowned Love – Chapter Three

After that night, Katherine and James did not meet for three months. Katherine was doing her usual job and James got himself very busy at work. Philip started getting worried for James as he was becoming short-tempered with everyone.

“Why are you doing this to yourself, buddy?” Philp asked James but he did not answer his question.

“Until when you are going to be like this? I mean you have many other options. There are a lot of girls who wanted to be with you, then why Katherine”

“I understand that you loved her very much and the fact is that she did not accept you. And what happened in the past is past. Think about now. You even stopped me from going and talk to her, why?” Philp added.

“I love her and I cannot forget her. There is something very special about her. She has hidden emotions.”

“Even if she has hidden emotions that does not mean that you will try and try to know about what is hidden.”

But one day they met again at a function where Katherine was the main singer. It was a grand function organized by Mr. Ainsworth for charity purposes. James was with his friend Philp at the party and Katherine was with Mrs. Smith. James and Katherine did not talk to each other, but Mrs. Smith talked to James and Katherine. And Katherine left when they started talking.

“Where you have been, James? How are you?”

“I am very well, thank you, Mrs. Smith.”

“And what about you?”

“Good, good.”

James was looking at Katherine while she was talking to some people. She was wearing a beautiful salmon off-shoulder dress. Her hair was in a twisted up do and diamond necklace as an accessory.

“You are looking at her?” Mrs. Smith

“She is very beautiful,” James said

“Please relax James, excuse us Mrs. Smith

“Sure.” Mrs. Smith answered

Katherine was talking to some people and James tried his best to interpret her but she did not care about him. After some time she started to sing and everyone was loving her song and the music. Katherine has a very soft voice with deep emotions. James was listening to her very carefully, Katherine was full of sorrows. Everyone loved the music and the song, it was peaceful. After dinner when James saw Katherine alone he went to talk to her. He asked her about how she was doing and appreciated her performance. Katherine was kind of happy to see James but she did not show it to him. It was getting late and Katherine wanted to go leave. Mrs. Smith and Katherine set in a taxi where Philip did not let them go so he can tell Katherine that James has not been able to forget her. Philip informed Katherine that James has become very short-tempered because he was and was in love with her. James was very hurt when Katherine rejected him. He also added that James will never show his anger on Katherine because he loves her a lot. Philip requested Katherine to listen to him once. And they left.

“Listen to him for one, Katherine, please.” That was Philp’s request,

The next morning, Katherine, Katherine went to the police station to meet James. He was happy to see her and angry at the same time but he did not show his anger.

“Hi,” Katherine said,

“Hi,” James answered but somehow was trying to ignore her.

“Can we talk, James?” she asked him but she was very nervous.

“Tell me.”

“Not here. Can we go somewhere else?”

“I am very busy right now.”

“Just for once, I need to speak to you. Then, you decide.”

“I am on duty now, we will meet at the garden in the evening.”

In the evening, James was waiting for Katherine in the garden. Katherine was late but James was fine with that. When she came they sat and for a few minutes they did not say anything.

“James, I know I have hurt your feelings.”

“I love you, Katherine and you know that, but you are not understanding my feelings. Philip was getting angry on me and I get angry on others.”

“I understand that feeling because love makes you do that. I am not what you think I am.”

“What do you mean?”

“My name is Katherine Bennett, not Katherine.”

“What do you mean?”

About five years ago, Katherine used to live happily with her family. George Bennett was Katherine’s father who was a retired engineer who was 60 years old. Elizabeth Bennett was her mother who was a housewife. Katherine has finished her degree in engineering. She was the only heir of the Bennett family. George wanted his daughter to carry on their family business, but Katherine wanted to be a singer. Her father was not against her singing but he wanted Katherine to do a proper job and to keep the Bennett company to ages. The Bennett’s had a huge mansion where they were many caretakers. Katherine was loved by everyone as she was very kind and caring.

George has invited an engineer Edward Gary to their mansion for Katherine’s first project. Edward Gary was one of London’s famous and successful engineers. He was coming to Scotland and Katherine was told to go and pick Mr. Gray from the train station.

“Father, I do not want to go and pick up any Mr. Gray.”

“My dear, Mr. Gray is coming here for our new project and like a good guest, you will need to go and pick him up.”

“How I will recognize him? I never saw him.”

“I never saw him too, but he is very neat and likes to wear black.”

“There must be a lot of people who wear black and look neat.”

“No worries my dear. You just go and ask about Edward Gray.”

Katherine planned to go with her best friend, Sophia to the Winston party to sing. She thought that she will go to the party then to receive Mr. Gray from the train station. Katherine thought that she would go, sing, and leave but it was the opposite. She had to meet a lot of people and forgot about Mr. Gray. Katherine was wearing a very plain white gown with transparent sleeves. She sang a very lovely song which was loved by everyone. After the performance, the dinner was served. Some people came to take her autograph and appreciated her singing.

“You were awesome, Kath.”

“Thank you so much. I just hope that one day mother and father to come and see me perform.”

Sophia and Katherine were talking and laughing. Katherine accidentally bumped to someone and the red wine fell over her white gown.

“What the hell? Are you mad? You have spoiled my dress. You know how expensive is this.”

“I am very sorry ma’am, but it was your mistake.”

“What? My mistake. Don’t try to act smart, I know you have done this on purpose.”

“No, ma’am. Why would I do this on purpose? You were talking and was looking in front.”

“Oh really. Listen, mister, it’s your mistake and you have to pay.”

“Are you mad, Kath? I am very sorry, you don’t need to pay back.”

“What? Why you are apologizing to him? It’s his mistake.”

“No problem, Ms. Kath, I will pay for the dress loss.”

“How dare you call me Kath?”

“Please just leave your address and I will send the money.”

“Why would I give? Find out by yourself.”

The gentleman smiled,

“Why are you smiling? Do I look crazy to you?”

“No, you are very beautiful.”

“Oh shut up. Come on Sophia.”

Katherine and Sophia left the party, and she was very late to home.

“Kath, where you have been?” George

She hesitated,

“I was with Sophia at Winston’s party.”

“I told you to go and pick up Mr. Gray.”

“Oh, father. I am very sorry, I forgot about him. I will go now and pick him up.”

“Have you seen the time, Kath? It’s very late now.” Elizabeth

“It’s very shameful for the Bennet’s to do this kind of third class movement.”

“Was the party that important to you, Kath?”

“I don’t know where would Mr. Gray be!”

“Father, I am very sorry. I will go and look for him early morning.”

The next morning when Katherine woke up she saw that the man whom she fought with last night at the party was, Mr. Gray, her father’s guest. Katherine was shocked and ashamed at the same time. Katherine had to apologize to Mr. Gray.

Mr. Gray was a single middle-aged man who was good looking. Mr. Gray was a famous and successful businessman in London. He travels a lot and runs random businesses around the world.

The Drowned Love – Chapter Two

Two years earlier, Katherine was living in an apartment of a cruel man, Mr. Willbert. Katherine had rent payment issues with Mr. Willbert every month. They fight at the end of every month. Katherine helps Mr. Willbert in cleaning so she can have time to get her money and give the rent to Mr. Willbert. Katherine works at a coffee shop with a middle-aged woman, Mrs, Smith. She treats Katherine as her daughter since she has none. For some extra money, Katherine sings at parties, public, private, birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries. James Maxwell was a customer of Katherine. He used to come every day to have some coffee with his best friend, Philip. James and Katherine used to meet at the parties where she goes to sing. James started to like her and that like turned into love. Katherine was rude and rough with James all the time. She never gave him a chance to misbehave with her.

James used to think that Katherine was a very rude girl, but one day his feelings changed towards her. He saw the pain in her music. Katherine was more than she looks. She was beautiful and mysterious. James tried many times to win her heart and to impress her, but Katherine was not an easy target. He tried all the cheesy things that people do in love, but that was not fancy enough for Katherine. Mrs. Smith liked James very much as he was such a gentleman. She spoke to Katherine about James, but she refused to be in anything with James. He wanted to take Katherine to dates multiple times, but she was not interested at all.

One night, James Maxwell invited Katherine and Mrs. Smith to a very big party. Katherine refused but Mrs. Smith insisted to go. And she agreed. Katherine wore a beautifully classic yet attractive maroon dress with a large warm scarf shawls wrap. She was wearing a bold maroon matte lipstick and pink cheeks. And styled her hair in soft curls with black heels. There were many people invited to the Maxwell party. It was a party dedicated to James Maxwell’s promotion as he is a police inspector. Katherine met James’s father and they were very nice to her. James showed his singing talent as he was a good singer. He felt that Katherine was hiding a pain in her heart, and she used to express it by singing it.

“You never told me that you are a police officer and a musician too?” Katherine asked

“You never gave me a chance to tell you anything?”

“Will you dance with me? Please do not say no.” He asked

Then they had a beautiful dance together, they were looking into each other’s eyes. It was very romantic. After the party, late at night when everyone was almost gone. Mrs. Smith and Katherine were the only ones left. Philip told James that he must tell Katherine about his love for her. Philip sat with Mrs. Smith and James took Katherine to his mansion tour. James’ mansion was very big and beautiful, it had everything. Big rooms, big kitchen, and garden. James’s bedroom was very big and fancy. He’s also a very good painter. He painted Katherine and she was shocked but happy to see the painting.

“This is very beautiful.” While Katherine was touching the painting.

Then they moved to the balcony of the room which had a small garden. They were red roses and a table with two chairs in the middle.

“Can I ask you something Katherine?”

“Sure but I hope it is not a stupid question, otherwise I will not answer you.”

“Will you marry me?”

“What?” Katherine was shocked

“I love you and I want to marry you, I have talked to my father already.”

“But I do not love you. James please forget about this nonsense.”

“This is not nonsense, Katherine. I am serious.”

“Oh wow, you are serious. But I am not.”

He grabbed her waist and they were very close to each other. Katherine was uncomfortable.

“I love you, Katherine. You do not know that these days, I only think about you. I have met a lot of girls, but there is something special that makes me close to you.” Tears were in James’s eyes.

“There is a pain in your eyes that I do not want to say and share it. But I promise you that I will remove all your pains and sorrows. I will protect you and will love you all my life.” He was about to kiss her.

“But I do not love you.” She pushed him away.

“Keep your dirty mind and cheap thoughts with you. I do not believe you and I do not love you. Stay away from me, understand.” Katherine was angry and she walked away.

Katherine walked down the stairs and James was following her. Downstairs, Philip, Mrs. Smith, and Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell were having a good conversation.

“Mrs. Smith lets go, it is too late.”

“What happened my dear?”

“Listen to me Katherine.” Angry James grabbed her hand.

“Do not touch me, go away.”

“My dear Katherine, what is the matter?” James’s mother asked.

“Let’s go Mrs. Smith. I am sorry Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell.”

“Katherine, how can you do this? James loves you very much. It is not fair.” Philip said

“Leave her Philip, do not say anything,” James said.

Katherine and Mrs. Smith left the mansion.

In the cab, Mrs. Smith was asking Katherine about her rudeness towards James and his parents.

“What happened to you, Katherine? James is such a nice man and his parents are very kind.” Mrs. Smith said

“I am not interested in none of them, Mrs. Smith.”

“Why? Why you are punishing yourself? Why you do not let love come to your life?”

“I do not think that love has importance in anybody’s life, at least not mine.” That answer of Katherine made Mrs. Smith speechless.

That Night, That Man

I was driving on a country road on my home. It was late at night and my car stopped working in the middle of the street. I came out of my car to check out the car engine. The engine was on fire, so I put some water in the engine. I got inside the car and continued driving. When I looked at the front mirror, I saw that there was a man, a stranger hiding on the back seat of my car. I screamed and stopped the car. I went out of my car and I opened the back car door.

“Who are you? Get out of my car.”

I saw the he was holding a gun and he looked like jailer and must be ran away from the jail. Suddenly, there was a loud sound of a police car coming. The man pointed the gun at me and I got very scared.

“Stay in the car and do as I tell you otherwise I will shoot you.”

He warned me to stay in the car and to act normal and not to tell the police about him. The police car came and they asked a few questions. My phone rang in the middle of these questions and went out of my car to talk on the phone. As I got out of my car, I held the police officer car to hint him about the man they have been looking for. The police succeed in catching the man. That night I reached home safely.
Next morning, there was a news about the same man who was in my car last night. He was encountered on the spot. Since then, I could never drive a car. I got into car accidents whenever I drive a car. I always see that man on my car’s front mirror angry and pointing a gun at me.

The Drowned Love – Chapter one

London, around 10 PM on a rainy stormy night, Stephen the caretaker of the Gray mansion heard a gunshot coming from inside of the mansion. When he entered the mansion Stephen saw Mr. Gray’s dead body lying on the floor and Mrs. Gray unconsciously holding a gun. She was injured and bleeding. Stephen screamed as he was terrified. The police cars arrived at the Gray mansion after a phone call from Thomas the other caretaker.
Mr. Gray was lying on the floor and there was so much blood around him. He was wearing a night suit and slippers and there was a broken glass of wine. Mrs. Gray was a few steps away from him. She was wearing a nightgown and slippers. The place was all messed up and it looked like that the couple had a massive a argue which turned out into a fight. Everything was all messed up. Inspector James was in charge of the case. He is one of London’s finest police officers.
The caretakers Anthony and Martha came back from the pharmacy. They were out to bring Mr. Gray’s medicines. Anthony and Martha were terrified about the incident. The police checked out the whole mansion including the crime scene, bedrooms, dining room, study room, kitchen, and garden. The ambulance has taken Mr. and Mrs. Gray to the hospital. Edward was gone for postmortem. And Stephen, Anthony, and Martha to the police station for questioning.
Mr. and Mrs. Gray are one the richest couple in London. Mr. Gray runs his family business for a very long time. None of his family is alive, but only him. The couple has been seen many times at parties and events. They have been in the news all the time. James asked the caretakers and the gardener about the Gray couple’s married life. They have known Mr. Gray for a long time. Mr. Gray was very kind to them. Edward and Katherine were married four months ago. The couple had a love marriage, they have been in a relationship for a long time before their marriage. The couple loved each other very much and they both were kind to everyone. The servants were shocked to see that Mr. Gray is dead and Katherine who was holing the gun. The caretakers informed James that they were out to bring Mr. Gray medicines which were finished. Katherine was the one who ordered them to bring the medicines as it was very important for Mr. Gray to have his medicines on time. It was some blood pressure, headache, and muscle pain killer.
James received a phone call from the hospital and knew that Mrs. Gray gained consciousness. He left the police station keeping the caretakers and the gardener there and drove to the hospital. When he reached, James asked the doctors about Mrs. Gray’s condition. The doctors told him that Mrs. Gray is very weak and lost a lot of blood. She was in terror, and she is being physically abused, maybe by her husband Mr. Gray. James entered the ward and walked towards Mrs. Gray.
“Hello, Mrs. Gray. I am inspector James Maxwell. I am handling this case Mrs. Gray.” James introduced himself and sat next to her bed on the chair.
“I hope you are feeling better, Mrs. Gray.” He added.
Katherine had a bandage around her head and James started asking her about the incident.
“I am sorry Mrs. Gray but I need to ask you about what had happened?”
“My husband tried to kill me,” Katherine said
“What? Why would Mr. Gary kill you, Mrs. Gray?”
“He hated me very much. I was so stupid to be married to him. I thought he would change, but I was wrong.” Katherine said and her tears fell on her cheeks.
She explained that she and Edward got married four months ago. Mr. Gray was her late father George Bennett’s guest and business partner. After she graduated from college, she worked on her first project with Edward. They have been spending very much time together which turned into a love relationship. Edward was a difficult person to handle, but love made Katherine accept Mr. Gray the way he was. Mr. Gray is short-tempered and likes to do his work in a planned way. The same goes for his life, planned, and adventures.
Katherine lost her parents, her father died by slipping from the balcony when he was drunk. And mother, Elizabeth Bennett in a car accident. After that Katherine was all alone and sad. Edward and Katherine became closer to each other, but one day broke up. One day, he just ended up their relationship because he could not move it forward. And after three years they met again at a party where she was the singer. The same way they met for the first time. Edward remembered their days and proposed her for marriage. Katherine agreed to marry him as she was still in love with him.
But, soon after the marriage, Edward started to change. He used to come home late, not picking up her calls. Katherine used to cry and feel sad. One day, she decided to follow him and found out that he was having an affair with one of his office employees. Katherine tried to talk to him about it many times, but he was not taking anything seriously. And she was very angry about his affair, and he used to get angry too.
“He used to tell me if you want to stay, stay. Otherwise, you can leave. This is who I am and you knew all about me from the beginning .” Edward said and she was sad and broken at heart.
And then comes the night of their heated argument. Just before the accident. They argued over his behavior which turned Katherine very angry on Edward. She screamed at him and he was sitting on the bar section of his mansion. Mr. Gray was having a drink and Katherine was yelling at him.
“Katherine, I have no time for your nonsense,” Edward said
“I am talking nonsense?! Have you seen what nonsense you are doing?”
“I am your wife, god damn it. How can you be like this?”
“Katherine, we have talked about that before. It is only Sophia, there are many more.”
“How cheap you are,” Katherine said while getting angry.
“Oh really, my dear. You are the one who wanted to marry and I just did for fun. I have no feelings for you. No feeling towards anyone. I only and only love myself.” Edward said very proudly
“Then I will expose you to the media and tell them about the real Mr. Gray” Katherine warned him
Then Mr. Gray laughed at her and starting hurting her physically. He was holding her arms very painfully. He got angry when Katherine was still not scared of him. And he started hurting her more by slapping her and hitting her. Katherine was getting angry at him, and she saw a gun under Mr. Gray’s pajama’s pocket. Mrs. Gray smartly took the gun while he was hurting her and pushed him away. Katherine pointed the gun on him and warned him to not come close to her. But, Edward did not listen to her and was coming closer to her anyway. Mr. Gray was laughing at her as a devil. And when he came close to her, Mr. Gray tried to take the gun from Katherine. After several tries, there was a gunshot. Katherine mistakenly shot her husband while trying to save herself. The gunshot as directly into his heart. Mr. Gray pushed her away, and she hit a candle stand. Mr. Gray fell and Katherine’s head started to bleed and she became unconscious.
“I was just trying to save myself. I never wanted this to happen. I wish if I never had married him.” Katherine said while she was crying.
“Mrs. Gray one more question, if you don’t mind?.”
“Yes, please go ahead.”
“They are two of your caretakers who were not home during the incident. Can you tell me about that, Mrs. Gray?”
“I have told them to bring some medicine’s for Mr. Gray as it was important for him to have them.”
“Well, Mrs. Gray you have a motive to kill Mr. Gray, but do not worry we will check everything out. Take care ma” am.”
The case of Edward Gray’s accident was resolved after everyone’s statement and evidence. Katherine Gray shot her husband Edward Gray in self-defense to save herself from him. Katherine was proven innocent. The police found out about Edward’s bad behavior of having many affairs with women. And how he smartly handled his business and became very successful by fraud. All the evidence was against Mr. Gray. The mansion and the Gray business belonged to Katherine Gray. She became London’s richest widow.
Katherine Gray has been discharged from the hospital and went back to the mansion. She gathered up all her luggage because Mrs. Gray was leaving the mansion. Katherine has bad memories in the mansion that’s why she did not want to live there anymore. She stood in front of the mirror and looked at herself. She was looking very sad, and there was a scar on the head from the incident. Katherine was remembering some of the good and bad moments of her with Mr. Gray.
“Ma’am, Mr. McNealy has arrived,” Martha told Katherine
“Alright Martha, I will be there in minutes.”
“And please tell Anthony to take all the luggage downstairs,” Kathrine added
“Yes, ma├ím.”
After Martha has left, Katherine walked downstairs where the lawyer Mr. McNealy was waiting for her.
“Good morning, Mrs. Gray.”
“Good morning, Mr. McNealy. I hope all the papers are ready.”
“Yes, ma’am everything is ready. I just need your signature.”
She sat down on the sofa and read the papers.
“I do not understand Mr.s Gray why you are selling this mansion? It is your property after Mr. Gray.”
“I do not want to own something that will hurt me for a lifetime. It is better to be gone.”
Katherine signed up and all the papers and stood up and was ready to leave.
“Thank you so much, Mr. McNealy.”
“You are welcome.” And they shook hands.
The caretaker and gardener were sad to see Mrs. Gary leaving the mansion. Kathrine stepped out of the mansion and looked back at the mansion. She moved towards the cab and sat and the cab moved. Inspector James Maxwell was with Katherine in the cab.


Anna woke up screaming from a terrible nightmare where she saw a massive car accident. William came in to see his wife after he heard her screams. She was unable to remember anything. She did not recognize him. He told Anna that right after their wedding ceremony they had a car accident. Their car hit the truck very badly. She had some bruises on her arms and face. William was injured as well. Anna lost her memory. William and Anna are from a well off family. They had a great royal wedding. He showed Anna their wedding album. They were very happy and excited, but after the wedding because of losing control of the car, the accident took place. There was only one caretaker in the mansion, Marcus. William was very caring and loving to Anna. She did not gain her memory, but soon she started experiencing some spooky incidents. She used to see a spirit of a sad woman wearing a white dress. Also, there was a strange thud sound coming from somewhere in the mansion. She informed William about that but he did not believe her. He thought that it might be a side effect of the accident. The strange thing was that what Anna told him made William worried. Anna started to ask the caretaker Marcus about her husband, the woman in a white dress, and that weird thud sound.

“Everything is not as it seems like, madam,” Marcus whispered,
That made Anna in deep thinking mode. One day, when William left the mansion for work, she started to check everywhere of the mansion. She searched and looked out everything until she found somebody down in the basement. Anna saw a man who was tied up very badly and he looked like he did not eat for a long time. He looked like he was being tortured.

“Who are you?” Anna asked

The man was unable to speak because he was very weak. Anna brought him some water and food.

“I am Frank and I have been here for a long time since my sister decided to marry William.”

Anna was shocked to hear that. She asked Frank about his sister. Frank described his sister and she was exactly like the woman in a white dress she used to see all the time. She also realized that Frank was the one who used to make that thud sound for help. Anna informed Frank that his sister is dead. And it looked like that William is hiding a dark side of him.
Anna went to the study room of William as it was the only place she did not check. There were files and documents related to the property of William late father. And there was a will where it is written that William has no right in his late father’s property. He named everything on the caretaker, Marcus.

“Why would a father not leave his property to his son?” Anna was asking herself

Suddenly somebody attacked her from back and she fainted.
About a year ago, William was having an affair with a girl named, Emily. An innocent girl who knew about William’s dark secret of spending so much on gambling. William used to ask for money from the caretaker, Marcus and when he refused, William killed him. He killed the people who won the gambling. Emily accepted him as he promised her that he is about to change. But, William Killed her as well. William used to marry rich girls to have their property and then killed them by an accident.

At Grandma’s

I stayed at my late grandma’s house five months ago. When I was a kid I was never allowed to visit my grandma at her house. She used to come and visit me. When my grandma passed away, and after my parents died from a car accident, I was the only one left in the family. I owned my grandma’s house. Five years ago, I stayed there to prepare for my next fashion show clothes. The house was very beautiful and in a peaceful place. I was working very hard on the clothes and was exploring the house. There was an attic in the house and a lot of vintage stuff were in there. There were grandma’s photos when she was younger. Grandma’s used to look very pretty and elegant. I found a tightly closed box. After several tries I managed to open it. The box was so dusty that I started to cough. There were some gorgeous and unique gold jewellery. I thought that I would use them for my fashion show models. I took and box into my bedroom and kept on my dressing table. That night I had some terrible visions of my grandma when she was young. Some people were wearing a black coat, hiding their faces. And, I saw a circle in a shape of a weird symbol. Those people were doing something dark. I thought that I was having visions because I have worked day and night on the fashion show clothes. But, I was wrong the visions did not stop and I used to see terrible and scary visions once I close my eyes, even If it was for a second. I could not sleep for days until I realized that those visions started since I got that box of gold. Maybe there was a reason that I was never allowed as a kid to come to my grandma’s house. I went to the attic again late at night and I looked everywhere again. They were some papers and books. I saw the symbol in the book from my vision. Suddenly, I saw a shadow and I turned around. There was nobody, but when I turned around again that black coat person attacked me and I screamed. When I opened my eyes, I found myself on the hospital bed. I was very tired and weak. Everything was very blurry around. I looked out of my hand, and I saw that symbol on my hand. “What had happened to me?”

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